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Game_Icon.png(Internship / Contract) Flight Manager: Download

Internship Post: Link | Avalon Air Show Post: Link

This was a project that was done for Thales under InfoPixel(Our Group) as a internship project and eventually became a contact. The player must control the planes on screen and make sure they arrive safely at there exit gates by avoiding on coming collisions and any map threats.

Platform: (Unity, C#) Android / PC


pixel_heart_by_emeraldplaysmcraft-d81zjcr  (Personal Project)  The Adventurer! : Download

Blog Post 1: Link | Blog Post 2: Link

This is a 3 Level Basic Mini Game were the aim is to collect all the diamonds in the time allocated to you while avoiding the map threats

Platform: (Unity, C#) PC

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bowlingball-button(GameJam) TWPC: Download

TWPC Blog Post: Link

This is a 1 level survival game created during a game jam were you are stationary character and you are firing down on escaped pony’s to earn points.

Platform: (Unity, C#) Android / PC

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images(Personal Project) UI Demo: Download

UI Demo Blog Post: Link

Platform: (Unity, C#) PC

Small Demo within Unity showcasing some UI elements i had worked with in past projects.

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zlVaaEoG_400x400(Assignment) Physics Release: Download

Physics Blog Post: Link

Platform: (Visual Studio, C++) PC


zlVaaEoG_400x400(Assignment) Fuzzy Logic: Download

Fuzzy Logic Blog Post: Link

Platform: (Visual Studio, C++) PC

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