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Game_Icon.png(Internship / Contract) Flight Manager: Download

Internship Post: Link | Avalon Air Show Post: Link

This was a project that was done for Thales under InfoPixel(Our Group) as a internship project and eventually became a contact. The player must control the planes on screen and make sure they arrive safely at there exit gates by avoiding on coming collisions and any map threats.

The scripting I did on this project consisted of the controller and manager systems for the planes, the UI scripts & Threat Development. Also Assisted & developed the Camera system, Pathing system.

Platform: (Unity, C#) Android / PC


pixel_heart_by_emeraldplaysmcraft-d81zjcr  (Personal Project)  The Adventurer! : Download

Blog Post 1: Link | Blog Post 2: Link

This is a 3 Level Basic Mini Game were the aim is to collect all the diamonds in the time allocated to you while avoiding the map threats

Scripted this game on my own, which consisted of the Movement / Power Up scripts, AI / Threat scripts, Spawning zone script & UI scripts.

Platform: (Unity, C#) PC

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bowlingball-button(GameJam) TWPC: Download

TWPC Blog Post: Link

This is a 1 level survival game created during a game jam were you are stationary character and you are firing down on escaped pony’s to earn points.

Platform: (Unity, C#) Android / PC

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images(Personal Project) UI Demo: Download

UI Demo Blog Post: Link

Platform: (Unity, C#) PC

Small Demo within Unity showcasing some UI elements i had worked with in past projects.

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zlVaaEoG_400x400(Assignment) Physics Release: Download

Physics Blog Post: Link

Platform: (Visual Studio, C++) PC


zlVaaEoG_400x400(Assignment) Fuzzy Logic: Download

Fuzzy Logic Blog Post: Link

Platform: (Visual Studio, C++) PC

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