16/11/2016 Thales Internship


Our Group

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Game Produced

For the past 5 months my group and I (2 Programmers, 2 Artists, 1 Designer) have been producing a flight simulator game for Thales. This game is oriented around what our intended customer wanted which was to give them a game that took their old system ideas and reduced the possible plane clutter by removing there number system & introducing a more visual experience were a controller could use alternate UI features to interact and modify planes in an area.

Our game Flight Manager, is a single player manager were the player is to move the allocated planes by there altitude, speed & direction to avoid on coming collisions and threats.

The programming on this project was a shared effort between me and 1 other programmer of which we produced tools and game features for the simulator.

Over these past few months i have learned a lot from how to deal / adapt to what a business customer wants to improving all my basic team skills / personal skills.

Development Platform: Unity(C#)

Port: Windows, Android

Download Link:


22/10/2016 Physic’s Assessment

On this assignment we were to create 2 physics simulations 1 with PhysX & the other with our own custom code base.

Download Release Build:

Development Platform: Visual Studio (C++)

PhysX Tasks:

  • At least 1 example of static rigid bodies and dynamic rigid bodies correctly interacting with each other
  • At least 1 example of rag doll physics
  • At least 1 example of a trigger volume that interacts with dynamic scene elements
  • At least 1 example of a particle based physics simulation that may include fluid dynamics of soft bodies of 2 or higher dimensions
  • At least 1 example of a player controller physics object

Custom Simulation Tasks:

  • Multiple objects correctly interacting with each other according to Newton’s 3 laws of motion
  • Forces correctly applied to objects
  • Objects correctly colliding with other objects
  • Objects correctly applying forces to other objects
  • At least 1 example of spring physics


Green: PhysX, Red: Custom


  • Physics gun key press (1)
  • To move the player controller which is the capsule in the PhyX box you use the, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT Keys.
  • W, A, S, D + Mouse Movement For Camera

23/06/16 Final AIE GameJam

Role: UI Programmer / Base Game Programmer

Download Link:

In this months game jam we selected our own teams, as were assigned a name created by a random name generator. The name assigned to us was Tiger Woods Pony Collection, so our group decided to make a defense game were the pony’s would spawn and you had to shoot them golf balls for each one you killed you got a point, if you killed a unicorn you got a token, this token would give you access to a bowling ball which would spawn on your location and roll down the ramp killing everything in its way.

Development Platform: Unity(C#)

Platform: Android, PC

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27/05/16 2nd AIE Game Jam

Role: UI Programmer / UI Designer

Recently took part in another of our AIE’s Game Jams, The base rule this time was it had to be on a mobile platform. So our group created a game called ShipReckd in which the player had to run away from the enemy AI and last as long as he/she can to set a bigger and bigger high score.

Development Platform: Unity(C#)

Platform: Android

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18/05/16 Fuzzy Logic

Earlier this month i did a minor project on fuzzy logic, Within this project i have 2 AI, 1 of which is the Enemy that will chase the Innocent AI and attempt to survive by getting resources from the food, water & sleep areas and sapping health from the Innocent, the other of course is  Innocent AI, and its goal is to survive as long as possible by getting to its resource points and going to the safe zone were it will heal and be unaffected by the enemy.

Development Platform: Visual Studio (C++)

bandicam 2016-05-18 15-15-18-657

Green = Food

Blue = Water

Light Blue = Sleep

Pink = Innocent AI

Black = Enemy AI

17/04/16 AIE Game Jam

Role: UI Programmer / UI Designer

I recently took part in a game jam held within AIE where we were to make a game based around a local multiplayer, so our team created a 4 Player Twin Stick Arena Shooter based within a fixed camera in Unity. The aim of the game is to kill the other players.

Game: Good Lumps

Development Platform: Unity(C#)

Platform: PC(Controllers)

bandicam 2016-04-17 16-59-25-294

02/04/16 OpenGl Engine

During our 1st quarter of our 2nd year at AIE we worked on a small OpenGl engine that was to produce Suitably complex procedural generation, fully texture and illuminated environment , 2 pre-generated geometric models loaded and placed within the environment, demonstrates animated scene elements, Camera frustum culling of scene elements & a GUI that allows real-time modification of scene elements.

Development Platform: Visual Studio (C++)

bandicam 2016-04-02 15-02-30-342

Download For OpenGl Project