The Adventurer!

I have recently started to program again and thought a personal project was the right way to go, so I made a simple collection game that I named The Adventurer!, the players object is to go through the 4 sections of the map attempting to find all the diamonds before the time limit hits zero while avoiding enemy AI in each of the sections.

Within each of the 4 sections there a 8 nodes you must collect that will randomly spawn at the beginning of the game when you have collected all of the diamonds in that section you will receive a tick, indicating your completion, then you must simply do the same within all sections for completion of the level.

While this is an incomplete game currently I will continue to add more objectives and modify already existing variables to make this a fun but simple experience for the user.

Asset Packages Im Using:

– A3D Tileable Hand Painted Ground Texture Pack 2

– AxeyWorks Low Poly: Free Pack

– Black Hammer: Fantasy Wooden GUI

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