The Avalon Air-Show Showcase

These past few weeks my team and I have continued work on our flight manager game that we created for Thales during our internship we were continuing to work on this under the banner of Info Pixel. Under contract we then started to get our game prepped and refined for the Avalon air show.

On showcase day we presented our game at the Thales booth with Thales Australia were we showcased to trade representatives and the public.

Our game Flight Manager is now a single player manager were the player is to move the allocated planes by there altitude & direction to avoid on coming collisions and map threats.

Info Pixel Debrief:

Development Platform: Unity(C#)

Port: Windows, Android





The Avalon Air Show 2017 is organized by Aerospace Australia Limited. A not-for-profit corporation limited by guarantee and registered as a charity, its mission is to promote aviation and the development of Australia’s industrial, manufacturing and information/communications technology resources in aviation, aerospace and defense.