16/11/2016 Thales Internship


Our Group

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Game Produced

For the past 5 months my group and I (2 Programmers, 2 Artists, 1 Designer) have been producing a flight simulator game for Thales. This game is oriented around what our intended customer wanted which was to give them a game that took their old system ideas and reduced the possible plane clutter by removing there number system & introducing a more visual experience were a controller could use alternate UI features to interact and modify planes in an area.

Our game Flight Manager, is a single player manager were the player is to move the allocated planes by there altitude, speed & direction to avoid on coming collisions and threats.

The programming on this project was a shared effort between me and 1 other programmer of which we produced tools and game features for the simulator.

Over these past few months i have learned a lot from how to deal / adapt to what a business customer wants to improving all my basic team skills / personal skills.

Development Platform: Unity(C#)

Port: Windows, Android

Download Link: