Hello & Welcome!


Development Experience:

The majority of my development experience has been within Unity where i had developed my own mini games and past game-jams, I also developed my Internship Project & Contract within Unity, these games were mostly developed for both the PC & Android platforms. At AIE I also developed small prototypes within Visual Studio such as my Fuzzy Logic Project or my Physics Project, these were both developed in C++. At this current time I am getting a handle on the Unreal Engine by using Udemy courses.

Trained Programming Languages:

  • C++
  • C#

Study & Experience:

  • Advanced Diploma Of Game Programming at AIE Melbourne: (Feb 2015 – Nov 2016)
  • Thales / AIE Internship: (July 2016 – November 2016)
  • Thales Short Term Contract: (February 2017)

Current Location:

I’m based in Melbourne, Australia.

About Me:

Hi, I’m Joseph Crocker, I’m a hardworking and devoted game programmer with minor experience within the industry I have a large interest and love for game development and programming. I feel like I have shown a great amount of leadership and cooperative qualities through out my time at AIE because of the multiple group projects and game jams that I have taken part of, I have shown dedication and the will to complete any task given to me especially within these projects. The Thales internship & eventual Contract I took a part in developed my understanding on how to work with a large corporate entity and how to keep my work within allocated time gates to deliver my work on time, my showcasing skills also improved in this period as we play days and talks with the company regularly along with our showcase day at the Avalon Air Show.

The many stepping stones that built up my influence to game development and the current interest I hold for this industry has come from personally playing an unhealthy amount of games and the effect gaming has on people as the shear enjoyment or excitement it brings to a person is something that has always interested and pushed me towards this profession.

Originally born in New Zealand i moved to Australia at the age of three, then at the age of thirteen I then moved to England for five years due to my fathers work. My experience of traveling and interacting with other cultures has had an interesting effect on how I view the world as they have taught me to respect the diversity in our society and to not have minimal ambitions.